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3X Speed Writing

Autor: Giacomo Bruno
Proprietary: simplicissimus.it-385052
ISBN-13: 9788861748088
Editorial: Bruno Editore
Idioma: English
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Bestseller? Yes, after reading this text you would have learned how to write a book from scratch and how to become a bestseller author.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to write a 100 pages book in 10 hours even if you start from scratch and if you don’t have any time.
  • How to choose the right topic according to your passions, your experiences and your results.
  • How to setup the writing process thanks to MindMaps, starting from the summary.
  • The step-by-step plan and the copywriting techniques to write the text in a quick way.
  • Speed writing techniques to create your book even without writing a single word.

The Author
Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, electronic engineer, was named "the ebook-father" by the press for bringing ebooks to Italy in 2002, 9 years before Amazon and all the other publishers. He is the author of 27 personal growth bestsellers books and publisher of 600 books about personal and professional development. He is considered the most famous Italian "book influencer" because in a few hours every book he promotes or publishes, becomes Bestseller # 1 on Amazon. He is followed by TV, TG and by the national press. 

Bruno Editore: www.brunoeditore.it - Blog: www.giacomobruno.it

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