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Lucia's fables factory

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ISBN-13: 9788827524107
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Tornano i bambini della scuola primaria "R. Pezzani" di Albinea (RE).
Con le loro insegnanti, Francesca Carra e Fiorenza Gigli, hanno scritto e poi tradotto questo libro di favole.

This product is the result of a two lesson laboratory of translation that has involved the little authors of “Lucia’s fables factory”.
During this activity, they have been taught how to use a traditional, paper dictionary, as well as an online, technological one.
The aim was to introduce them to the fascination behind the capability of grasping the meaning of a foreign language. To do so, the children have been exposed to two means, so that they could appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of both of them, according to their personal, individual tastes. 
Teacher Fiorenza Gigli

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