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Demon Ties

Autor: Samantha Lau
Proprietary: simplicissimus.it-298757
ISBN-13: 9788827500743
Editorial: Samantha Lau
Idioma: English
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At the time of their graduation, wizards summon a creature to become their aid through life. Responding to a dare, Yuval of Aelion performs this summon far before his time. In punishment for the transgression he is banished from Aelion, his summon sealed away. Disgraced, he vows to recover his rightful summon at any cost.

While trespassing at a temple, warrior Amath is sucked out of his dimension and brought to an entirely different one. Before he can even comprehend what is going on, he’s sealed away in a crystal, only to be unsealed what is clearly years later. Hoping to find a way home, he agrees to temporarily help the wizard who has freed him.

Will Yuval be able to control his demon the time to convince him to stay, or will the demon consume him first? Will they find a way home for Amath? And will he want to leave when they do?

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