Illustrated Exercises for Animal-Assisted Interventions.

Illustrated Exercises for Animal-Assisted Interventions.

Autor: Peggy, Gilbert
GTIN-13: 9788416538430
ISBN-13: 9788416538430
Editorial: Letras de Autor S.L.
Idioma: English
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We have prepared 128 exercises that can be used in therapy programs as well as activities assisted with dogs. They are designed to be used with multiple sectors of the population and with clients of almost any age. If necessary, most of the activities can be adjusted for different target populations. Each exercise is presented in the same format. In the first section the requirements of the material that is needed in each case are indicated. All of the materials are easy to acquire and many of them can be made. After that, in all of the exercises, the behaviors that the dogs must be able to perform are detailed. Next, the characteristics of the clients/patients who can most benefit from the activities are described. Finally, a detailed explanation of how to carry out the exercise is provided followed by the goals of each activity. Photographs have been included in most of the exercises to facilitate their comprehension. At the end of the book there are tables showing at a glance, the physical, cognitive and emotional benefits of each exercise Lastly, there is a glossary with the terminology that has been used in the text. Lincoln Canine Therapeutic Corps

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