How To Organize Your City

How To Organize Your City

Autor: João Calazans Filho
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In modern days it's a struggle to plan cities and states, particularly; the managers start to believe in the organization of cities as a means of good coexistence between those that occupy their spaces, visiting commerce or as the residential nucleus. According to Wikipedia, citing the researcher Monique Felix Borin and Journalist Valdir Sanches - Diary of Commerce in March of Two Thousand Fourteen (03-2014), we learn that the Municipal Code of Stances was an imperial legislation, created and enforced starting from the year of 1886, with the intent of modernizing the city of São Paulo, in order to standardize and homogenize it. The document described and associated several rules regarding the occupation of space, the behavior of the populace and the maintenance of the county.
Before this document, there was the County Standard that was created that same year, except a few months earlier, and afterwards was annexed to the very Municipal Code of Stances, which was considered broader. 

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