100 Commandments to My Daughter Larin

100 Commandments to My Daughter Larin

Autor: Mustafa Kayyali
Proprietary: simplicissimus.it-287807
ISBN-13: 9781399211116
Editorial: Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing
Idioma: English
US$ 1.13


My daughter Larin..

It has been one year and a half since you came to this world.. since your fascinating coming illuminated my world and lightened the dark in my heart.. Here are my commandments my little angel.. take them from me.. they are the commandments of a friend to his girlfriend.. I have no pleasure in this life my girl except for your pleasure.. my ultimate goal is to see you a successful person in this community.

Now, in this moment, I can look at you while you are playing and laughing.. while you are eating and sleeping.. while you are smiling and acting in a naughty way. You are my sweet little angel.. you are my queen my little babe. Please take these commandments in the heart of yours because you are going to need them whenever you grow up.. Remember my little girl.. you are my girlfriend. Never be afraid of me because no friend be afraid from his portrait in the face of his true friend.

One day my girl.. one day, you are going to read these commandments. I do not know hence, whether we would be together, or that each one is living separately.. 

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