Make Your Paperback 4 FREE

Make Your Paperback 4 FREE

Autor: Robert Stetson
Proprietary: 9781301523160
GTIN-13: 9781301523160
Editorial: Robert Stetson
Idioma: English
US$ 5.99

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Let me show you how to make some real money. You can make a paperback for free.


I’m going to show you how to make that paperback, get it into hard copy circulation and collect your royalties, for free.

I have heard that maybe 10% of the population owns an E-Reader. I’ve also heard that 3% of the population reads books at all. That means your target market is about .3% (That’s point 3 percent). My experience is that almost 100% of the population has hands and eyes and most of them can actually read.

You probably wrote your EBook because you had a desire to write. You worked hours slaving at the computer to get every drop of sweat down on that document.

I bet you even tried to find a publisher or an agent, didn’t you. The literary world has beaten you to a pulp.

Then you uploaded it to become an EBook. When the excitement of having your book published wore off, you started tracking it. Come on, admit it… You logged on several times a day to see if anyone was buying it. What did you make this month on that book, maybe $ 24.00? Now you’re saying, “I did all that for 13 cents an hour?

Time to fight back, Bunkie. Let’s take that EBook and make it into something you can wrap your fist around. Make it a paperback and put hard copy on the bookstore shelves! Let me show you how to make some real money.

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