Naughty Dinner Party

Naughty Dinner Party

Autor: Serena Biggs
Proprietary: 9780988120341
GTIN-13: 9780988120341
Editorial: Serena Biggs
Idioma: English
US$ 2.99

Short description/annotation

Jason likes to watch his wife with other men


He likes to watch

When Candace and her husband Jason go out dancing with her friends a hot guy tries to pick Candace up. Jason realizes he likes rescuing his wife from men. They have the best sex they've had in a long time. Jason suggests they enlist a friend to come onto Candace. Jason watches his friend and Candace together, getting more turned on by the moment. How far will Jason let it go before he intervenes?
She likes to be watched

When her husband rescues her from a guy at a bar, Candace is so turned on she can't wait for it to happen again. And if she gets to have sex with a few strangers, or friends, all the better.

Warning: This 4,200 word short story is for adults only. It contains explicit, graphic depictions of sex. It includes cheating, role playing, a husband watching his wife with another man.

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